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Welcome to LTD Online Stores, your premiere online home furnishings store! Whether you are planning a full-scale home renovation or just a simple decorative change, LTD Online Stores has your furniture and décor needs covered.

Could your bedroom use a little design revision? We offer a wide selection of platform beds in modern or traditional styles that are sure to have a delightful impact on your master bedroom décor. Contemporary platform beds are conceptually simple but aesthetically stunning bedroom furnishings that will match almost any theme or design motif. They are elegant and minimalist trend-setters in any home! Traditional and Asian platform beds can also be fairly simple, though their design often features a refined and subdued artistry that will certainly stand out in any home as a dramatic visual focal point.

Asian furniture is a great way to introduce an unconventional and elegant yet simple aesthetic into your home. The Oriental style tends to value efficiency and functionality over size and ornamentation, so unlike western furnishings (which are often large, obvious, ornate, and obtrusive), modern Asian furniture conforms to beautiful but subtle designs. Call it the “Zen” of furniture.

LTD Online Stores also offers a multitude of fun and exciting kid’s bedroom furniture including kids bunk beds and theme beds. Bunk beds are affordable and space efficient ways to infuse your children’s shared bedroom with a fun and organized atmosphere that will spark their imagination and build camaraderie.

We even offer memory foam mattresses to complement your modern platform beds and kids bunk beds. These mattresses are the pinnacle of modern sleep engineering, featuring amazing shock-absorption capabilities as well as a comfortable, contoured, and totally customized sleeping experience that will have you waking up refreshed and energized every morning.
For your home decoration needs, we offer an extensive catalog of sophisticated wall water fountains in a number of natural and unique styles. These ornaments feature a soothing and relaxing sound as well as a very dynamic presentation that is sure to impress your guests. And for all your home heating needs, check out our collection of lavish electric fireplaces and fireplace mantels!

We also cover home lighting with extravagant chandelier and pendant lights. These fixtures look fantastic and they will make any room appear larger than it is as they diffuse ample light throughout any home.

For all your bathroom remodeling needs, check out our large selection of hip new bathroom vanities and vessel sinks. These invaluable bathroom units help you organize what is arguably the most important room in your house, and they also serve to make the room more appealing.

Finally, at LTD Online Stores you will find a variety of great outdoor furnishings as well. This is because we firmly believe that your backyard is just as much a part of your “home” as your house is, and nothing quite beats bringing all the comfort of luxurious and deep-seated patio furniture to your outdoor space. You can enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh air of your garden while relaxing in a sofa so comfortable it ought to be inside. Peruse our selection of wicker outdoor furniture and teak furniture; you surely won’t be disappointed!

Our friendly staff is standing by to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments! We look forward to hearing from you.

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